Hemp milk

We’ve probably all tasted at least one plant milk – almond, rice or oat – which is a great substitute for the cow’s milk we usually eat. Today, we suggest you make and taste cannabis milk. Hemp milk is made from unhulled hemp seeds, which are extremely nutritious and rich in essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 …

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Hemp seed porridge

Cannabis seeds have long been neglected due to the classification of cannabis as a narcotic drug and the prohibition of cultivation. But now, by separating hemp from marijuana, we can add hemp seeds to the list of superfoods! Why? Hemp seeds are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and are most valued for their omega-6 …

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Hulled hemp seeds in the kitchen, recipes, Magu Space

Carrot salad with hemp seeds

Carrots are inseparable from Lithuanian cuisine, and there are many variations of their use – we use them to flavour soups, stews, porridges, or bake carrot cake. That’s why we at Magu Space suggest adding carrot salad to your diet enriched with hemp seeds. Carrot salad can enrich our menus all year round and is …

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