Drought and cannabis

Drought and Watering Cannabis Fields: 500 tonnes of water in our extreme and dry conditions is a great gift for our cannabis fields. In recent months, due to exceptional dry weather conditions, cannabis farm owners have been faced with the challenge of irrigating their fields and ensuring yield and growth stability. Today, we want to …

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How to grow cannabis

How to grow cannabis, how to sow and prepare the soil. If you want to start growing cannabis in your own garden or on your own land, it is important to know the right sowing and soil preparation methods. In this article, we will discuss the essential steps and tips for growing your own cannabis. …

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Cannabis sowing 2023

2023 Sowing of hemp Sowing the hemp, the beginning of the hemp harvest, brings with it not only the earthly harvest, but also the feeling that a new blossom is beginning to bloom in our agriculture. With a heart full of satisfaction, we step outside, knowing that this moment is not only the beginning of …

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2022 Year of cultivation

An interesting year in the cannabis fields Cannabis fields, like every year, require a lot of attention, cultivation, knowledge and time. This year has been no exception in the cannabis fields, with a number of challenges that have had to be tackled in a variety of ways, but starting from the beginning… Spring was a …

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