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Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops. Archaeologists regularly find hemp-fibre clothing, hemp paper, and all sorts of objects used thousands of years before Christ. However, our ancestors also used hemp in ritual ceremonies, as recorded in written records. Medieval writings mention cannabis in food, its oils, seeds and extracts. Hemp products have been consumed since ancient times, and hempseed porridge, which is rich in fatty acids, was often cooked in the kitchen.

Magu Space cannabis products – cold-pressed oil, cannabis gummies, cannabis seed spices, cannabis chocolate – discover now!
Cold-pressed Magu Space hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds grown in Lithuania. They are carefully selected so that the pressed hemp oil is not bitter. Hemp seed oil is full of essential fatty acids – Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, vitamins A, D, E. Hemp seed oil is an excellent choice for a healthy addition to the variety of flavours in your daily meals, for use in cosmetics, or as a food supplement.
Magu Space’s playful cannabis-flavoured gummies can help you relax, relieve anxiety and tension. The amount of cannabis in the gum is precisely measured, ensuring accuracy and convenience. We suggest you try the joy of cannabis gummies!
The world is rediscovering and rediscovering the benefits of hemp and hemp tea. We therefore invite you to discover together the taste of cannabis and the possibilities it offers to our body!

We, the Magu Space team, are constantly developing and refining the recipes we want to offer you! That’s why your wishes, preferences and feedback are very important in our creative process. We look forward to hearing from you!

We will soon be adding to this section with some of the tastiest new products that we hope you will enjoy and find a place in your kitchen! You can follow all the latest news on cannabis products on Instagram and Facebook, and feel free to interact 🙂

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