CBD oil and autism

Let’s start with – what is autism? Can CBD oil extracted from hemp help

treating behavioural disorders and autism? That’s what this article will try to answer for you.

Over the last few years, medical research has increasingly focused on finding out

and the benefits of CBD oil for autistic patients. To date, important work on cannabis extracts is ongoing,

studies with high CBD content and low THC concentrations to discover remedies,

that can help to alleviate the needs of people with autism, who, due to the early onset of the condition, are mainly

children, problems.

Until a dozen years ago, there was only talk about the effectiveness of these substances in behavioural disorders,

However, a few years ago, the first official studies appeared confirming the effectiveness of the treatment and

opening the door to further intensive experimental treatments.

Autism: pathology, manifestations and treatments

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that mainly affects speech and communication, social

skills and behavioural development This disorder causes a person to communicate, feel and

perceive the world. Autism usually first appears in early childhood, in children over 6

months to 3 years for children.

*Autism is not a disease, it is not a condition

* Autism is not contagious

* No cure for autism yet

* This disorder can severely affect quality of life

* This condition lasts a lifetime

* The disorder is not characterised by typical external physical features

It is a lifelong disorder characterised by deficits in language and social development.

People with autism need consistency, repetition and predictability.


* Communication and language comprehension difficulties

* Difficulties in social situations

* Sensory problems

* Stereotyped movements

* Empathy expressed in other ways

* Stress is a constant companion

The causes of the disease are unknown, but according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

evidence suggests that genetics, together with associated environmental factors, play a key role in the development of this

disease. In fact, it is likely that damage to the brain system and neurotransmission pathways interfere with both

alters normal brain development.

Autism is a disorder affecting around 1% of the population, but the prevalence is highly imprecise,

because, according to some population studies, the number would be doubled by counting those who

do not currently have a developed medical practice nearby, or have never encountered or consulted a doctor.

Autism is not curable, but there are various treatments available to help people with autism spectrum disorder

improve your cognitive, emotional and social situation. But a growing child with autism

remains vulnerable, dependent on outside help. A growing child is prone to intensifying

anxiety and depression. Some drug therapy is only supportive, does little to help, and only makes

increases obsessive behaviour in the child.

Clinical trials and the therapeutic future of cannabis in autism

Recent studies have demonstrated the very high efficacy of cannabis extracts in the treatment of autism: these

Studies suggest that the use of some cannabinoids in high concentrations could improve

your child’s behaviour and communication skills.

The most important study of therapeutic cannabis for patients with autism was

conducted in Israel at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem and 5 other national health

centres, involving more than 120 children with the disease. Subjects aged between 5 and 18 years

were treated with CBD oil containing a high concentration of CBD and a low concentration of THC. Tolerance

and effectiveness were assessed using scales and questionnaires administered to subjects and families


The results were encouraging: behavioural disorders improved at least partially in 61% of patients, anxiety and

Communication disorders – 39% improved moderately and 47% improved a lot. Parents of children in questionnaires

indicated that children are much less stressed, with a 33% improvement. This research is very

successfully confirmed that CBD found in medical cannabis can be of great help and be

useful for patients with autism spectrum disorder, especially for treating behavioural problems.

New opportunities open up around the world, with increasing research into medical hemp and its benefits

human health.

In America, 4.7 million donations were made. Dollars to carry out studies in order to justify CBD therapy

adaptability and safety, and efficacy against symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

So far, a study is being conducted in the US and 100 children are being followed up to find out whether CBDV can actually

affect their DSA symptoms. The study was carried out by Eric Hollander from Montefiore Medical Centre,

in cooperation with the US Department of Defense. But until we see the results, we will have

wait a little longer. The clinical trial is expected to end in 2021. September. by contacting

a major breakthrough for people with autism.

Research on CBD oil gives hope for future minds. CBD is expected to help

the younger generation will gradually change and a reduction in autism symptoms will allow children and adults to live

a fuller life.

However, we remind you to make sure you check with your doctor before using any CBD oil and giving it to your child.

your doctor, and monitor your child very seriously while taking it and do not overdose.

Monitor changes in your child’s behaviour and health.

We wish you good health.

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