CBD and cholesterol levels

Most of us are active all the time, exercising, taking care of our food, our quality of life, valuing recreation and paying particular attention to our health. Cholesterol is a vital building block in our bodies, but it’s how much of it is circulating in our blood that matters. There is probably not a single person in the world who has not been exposed to high cholesterol and the health problems it causes. Sad as it may seem, Lithuania has one of the highest cholesterol increases in Europe.

Study – CBD’s effect on cholesterol

In 2020, a study by researchers at the Ohio Center for Applied Health Sciences and the University of Missouri-Lindenwood was conducted to determine whether CBD hemp oil, which comes from the hemp plant, can increase the level of so-called “good cholesterol”.

In this study, the researchers aimed to determine the effects of commercially available CBD-containing cannabis oil on a group of healthy people. The following were examined: stress tolerance, perceived recovery, mood changes, behavioural effects, effects on body composition and clinical safety markers.

The study involved 65 overweight people with no health problems. They randomly drank CBD hemp oil or a placebo every day for six weeks, while continuing to follow a normal diet and physical activity.

Survey results

The results showed a significant improvement in HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol among the cannabis group. HDL cholesterol is recognised in the medical community as the “good” cholesterol, which prevents the build-up of “bad” cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and prevents the development of vascular and heart disease. It helps to remove “bad” cholesterol from the body by carrying it to the liver, where the “bad” cholesterol is destroyed.

The researchers said that no side effects were observed in the group. All liver and kidney functions, cardiovascular parameters, fasting blood lipid levels and total blood cell counts remained within normal clinical limits, and no differences between groups were observed over time.

The group that used CBD cannabis oil also reported improved sleep quality, reduced stress levels, better stress management and increased quality of life.

Despite the increase in the commercial uptake and public consumption of CBD products in recent years, the number of studies conducted is considered to be too low, and researchers continue to actively investigate the effects of CBD hemp oil on the human body, the side effects, the safety of CBD, and the effects on the liver. These ongoing studies are widely seen as a potential food and drug
an administration plan, the possibility of supplementing legislation.

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