Cannabis sowing 2023

2023 Sowing of hemp

Sowing the hemp, the beginning of the hemp harvest, brings with it not only the earthly harvest, but also the feeling that a new blossom is beginning to bloom in our agriculture. With a heart full of satisfaction, we step outside, knowing that this moment is not only the beginning of our work, but also the fruit of our waiting.

We feel the gentle wind of spring as it carries with it the seeds of possibility. Every tool we pick up becomes the key to the harvest that graces our fields. As we walk through the fields of hemp, we accompany their beginning with industriousness and respect for the land that feeds us.

Seeing the first seedlings gives us a sense of strength and enthusiasm for this new life of cannabis plants. Every seed successfully planted in the soil, in the midst of the earth, gives us hope that this work will bear fruit.

Cannabis fields

Every day, the cannabis fields become more and more alive, revealing our faith and hard work.

This year, once again, we are not only starting our work with cannabis, but also building the future. These plants will be our support, our resource and a symbol of our gratitude for nature’s generous gift. With strength and confidence, we embark on this cannabis journey, knowing that it will be full of challenges, but also of moments of joy.

We wish each of our cannabis plants bright days and our work a bountiful harvest and success in all our endeavours!

Land processing and preparation

Late winter is an important step towards successful cannabis sowing.

As spring arrives, a new phase in the work of our Magu Space cannabis growers begins – tilling the land and preparing it for the winter rest. This care and work will enable us to sow the seeds properly and achieve excellent results.

Given the importance we attach to this process, we take a thorough approach to our fields. We start by cleaning the ground thoroughly, removing old residues and ensuring that the soil is properly prepared for new growth.

We then prepare the seed by raining on our soil, ensuring good moisture distribution and proper seed germination. We make sure that the soil is sufficiently permeable, as this is essential for proper root growth and water availability for plants.

We do not use fertilisers to replenish the soil’s nutrient balance and can only apply natural manure. We take into account the results of ground research and the type selected to ensure that our cannabis receives all the necessary nutrients for its growth and development.

We make sure the land is well-watered and properly maintained to ensure proper sowing. With our reliable tools and technology, we prepare you to dig deep into the ground, spreading seeds evenly and efficiently.

Sowing hemp

During the sowing of cannabis, we pay special attention to every seed, every sowing process. This care and love that we give to our work is an integral part of the way we grow our cannabis plants. We believe that only properly prepared and maintained land will give the best results for our cannabis plants. We only sow certified seeds, which are tested and controlled, and we start sowing with the approval and permission of the plant services.


Our team is committed to ensuring that every step, from cultivation to sowing, is carried out with the utmost professionalism and care. We strive to offer our customers the best cannabis cultivation experience and our products. Starting with proper land preparation.

We are happy to share this concern with you and show you the important steps to take before you start sowing cannabis seeds. Our aim is to ensure that the products you buy are of the best quality so that you can enjoy a high quality and healthy product.

Thank you for your trust and opportunity. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help and share our knowledge about cannabis growth and care. Together, we will achieve great results.

Magu Space Team

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