Cannabis for colds and flu

Cannabis has long been known to have medicinal properties. But can the substances in cannabis relieve cold and flu symptoms? In this colder During the season, flu or colds can spread like wildfire in a dense forest. Often a simple cold causes blockages in the nasal passages, which resolve in a short time. However, without proper treatment, it can persist for up to several weeks, especially during the autumn and winter months, the infection rate is veryincreases.

Both younger and older people remain at higher risk of developing more severe disease.

Also for those with compromised immune systems, smokers and those under a lot of stress. What are the general

the signs of a cold, and what kind of battle our bodies fight when we catch a cold, you probably not only know, but

and you have experienced it. Most people have always believed that it is caused by the cold. But in fact colds

symptoms can be caused by more than 200 different viruses. What people most often choose when they are caught out

for flu or colds? We all know that there is no cure for colds. But probably most of it anyway

drink paracetamol and large amounts of hot tea or take additional medication,

relieving pain and other ailments caused by colds. Still others turn to alternative treatments

ways such as taking zinc and vitamin C, while others eat bee pitch and honey. These are correct

solutions, but we’ll look at other ways to try to help you decide whether to include it in the

a list of alternative therapies.

Can cannabis relieve flu symptoms?

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments. Already modern science

has shown that many of the phytochemicals found in cannabis have therapeutic potential for various

for treating ailments, including colds. They can alleviate the symptoms that are bothering you.

Cannabis also contains substances that help reduce anti-inflammatory effects.

2019 m. In a study described in the European Journal of Pharmacology, cannabis products

and the effects of CBD in rats with asthma and respiratory inflammation. Researchers have nominated

them CBD and found that the cannabinoid in CBD reduced symptoms of inflammation and relieved

respiratory process. It can also help relieve pain associated with colds and flu

symptoms. This was demonstrated in 2007. a study in mice that found that CBD can act

as an oral medication to counteract chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain. None of the following

The studies do not describe the above treatments used by sufferers. However, these

the results of the tests are seen by doctors as very positive for human health.

Sleep disturbances during colds

Sleep deprivation can impair immune function. Those who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to get sick and are

more vulnerable to various viruses. Ensuring a good quality of sleep is essential for a faster recovery.

This can help you get better much faster. Some studies suggest that CBD may provide additional support

helping you fall asleep and get more restful sleep. Hemp products such as CBD, hemp flowers and leaves

tea, relieves sleep disturbances and can be an alternative, natural remedy to help regulate

sleep disorders and faster recovery.

For how to make cannabis tea, see our older articles. By the way, when making tea

you can also respect. Vaporisation will help to unclog blocked nasal passages. Colds

We recommend cannabis tea and CBD, just remember to monitor your well-being and don’t overdose.

However, we hope that you will avoid catching a cold. We wish you good health!

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