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Hemp seed oil: benefits

Benefits of hemp seed oil: for inflammation, heart For heart disease, heart health, diabetes

Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds, which are the seeds of the Cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). The oil is enriched with a high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help the human body fight inflammation and other related ailments. This oil does not cause any psychoactive effects on our brain.

In this post, we'll discuss what the science says about Cannabis seeds and its health benefits.

What is Hemp Seed Oil? What is it good for?

Hemp seed oil is produced exclusively from hemp seeds, not the same plant as CBD oil. Although marijuana comes from the same plant, Hemp seeds contain very low levels of THC up to 0.2% (the active constituent of marijuana constituent).

The oil is enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances and other essential fatty acids (e.g. GLA), which can fight diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or even cancer.

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is high in GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) - one of the most important compounds found in hemp, containing omega-6 fats which can boost immunity and fight inflammation.

However, in animal and human studies, there is still a need to more into the efficacy and side-effects of cannabis oil itself, to see if it could actually have anti-inflammatory properties.

Scientific articles on cannabis, there is a lot of information about the fact that the seed oil does have anti-inflammatory properties, it is a good source of compounds that can alleviate symptoms of arthritis.

It has been discovered that mixing hemp seed oil with evening primrose oil, improves symptoms in individuals with multiple sclerosis sclerosis (which is usually caused by inflammation). Experts in the field say this theorise that Fibromyalgia can also be treated with such a mixture.

Strengthening the heart

It has also been shown by scientists that food containing Hemp seeds help prevent high cholesterol. The results can be can be attributed to the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the seeds. These seeds consumption (and oil) in combination with food may show potential in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

In animal studies, it has been found that Cannabis Cannabis seed oil reduces cholesterol absorption. Another study reports that drinking 30 ml of the oil every day for four weeks reduces total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol ratio. It is excellent for stimulating the heart health.

In addition to the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil, there are certain other bioactive compounds that also contribute to the proper functioning of the human body. The oil contains the optimal levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids ratios ranging from 3:5:1 to 4:2:1, which are in line with modern nutritional health standards.

May help treat diabetes

Diabetes mellitus occurs because people often consume foods that are unbalanced in essential fatty acids proportions. Because hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and its consumption can be a good complementary treatment for this disease.

Scientists still have room for improvement and a lot more to do research to come to a conclusion about the benefits of hemp seed oil for diabetes, so before use this product, be sure to check with your GP or other other competent person.

May help reduce cancer risk

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in cannabis seed oil may help prevent certain cancers. Most studies with animal studies have shown the tumour-suppressing effects of THC.

But more research is needed to to determine the anticancer effects of THC Hemp Seed Oil.

Other studies show that cannabinoids derived from hemp seeds may help treat lung and breast cancer.

May improve brain health

Hemp seed oil contains cannabinoids that may help reduce anxiety in those who experience a lot of stress in their lives.

Studies show that cannabis oil inhalation can relax the nervous system. Inhalation of the oil (aromatherapy) is believed to improves mood. Studies show that the oil may also have antidepressant compounds.

The amino fatty acids in oil can also improve memory and prevent age-related cognitive reducing age-related impairments. For more results on hemp seed oil on the effects on our brains, more research is needed.

Strengthens immunity

Research shows that the substances in cannabis oil omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the body's immune system and protect against infections or other related ailments.

May be useful during pregnancy

Hemp seed oil may also benefit pregnant women for women, again with the omega-3 fatty acids getting all the plaudits. According to American researchers, it is essential to consume the right products during pregnancy, containing these fatty acids, as they are the main components of the fetal brain and retinas. They also play an important role in preventing perinatal depression.

Oils containing omega-3 fatty acids, including can help not only to prevent premature birth but also to ease the the process of childbirth and improve the baby's optimum health for life.

Information on the safety of cannabis seed oil in pregnancy during pregnancy, and there is still a question among scientists as to whether the oil omega-3 fatty acids in oilseeds would be beneficial during pregnancy. Therefore, before use of hemp products during pregnancy, be sure to check with your family doctor or other competent person.

May improve bowel function

There are still relatively few studies that on the effectiveness of oils in stimulating the digestive system, but there is no doubt that the synthetic EPA and DHA (omega-3s) in the oil compounds called eicosanoids have a positive effect on human digestion system.

Some experts believe that these eicosanoids may regulate the secretion of digestive juices and hormones and thus facilitate general digestive process. However, there is a lack of sufficient research in this respect.

It is also believed that the small amount of protein in oil is the same as that found in our blood, which may help ease digestive digestive disorders (as protein is easily digested in the human body). To more research is needed to support this theory.

May be useful for skin care

Hemp seed oil can help you have a beautiful and healthy skin because it acts as a moisturiser and prevents your skin from drying out in winter when the weather is dry. In other words, your skin becomes soft, fresh and hydrated.

Hemp seed oil can be used to anoint the whole body after bath. You will feel the difference within a few days, but first it is suggested to do test to make sure that hemp seed oil does not cause allergies.

Some scientific reference sources claim that the oil does not clog your pores and its linoleic acid can regulate sebum production. A lack of linoleic acid in food can provoke fat to clog our pores, resulting in blackheads or other acne lesions. People, who have acne usually have them because there is a decrease in linoleic acid concentration on the surface of the skin.

You can also use hemp seed oil to remove make-up.

May protect the skin against disease

Dietary Hemp Seed Oil can be used to treat atopic dermatitis. Studies attribute this therapeutic effect to the polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp seed oil.

Some research suggests that the following treatments for eczema can also be adapted to treat eczema. It firms the skin and makes it more resistant to bacterial and fungal infections.

Essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil can contain an internal moisturiser that can help relieve the symptoms of eczema. Also in the ointment three times a day, together with its application to the affected skin areas may also have a therapeutic effect. But since there is a lack of more detailed studies, before using oils to treat eczema, be sure to consult your family doctor or other competent person.

Taking Cannabis Seed Oil every day for 20 weeks, has been shown to relieve the symptoms of dermatitis. It reduces itching of the skin caused by dermatitis.

Some believe that Hemp Seed Oil can ease and symptoms of shingles, which is one of the main sources of rashes that appear on the skin. Research shows that the oil can reduce inflammation and even protect nerve cells (which are most often attacked by by this disease).

Because every case of shingles is unique, we suggest that you consult with your family doctor or other competent who can advise whether this Hemp Seed Oil is the right treatment to treat this problem, as there is also too little research in this area.

May help with weight loss

Studies involving GLA supplementation, subjects who have used this product for a year have noticed that they have gained weight less weight. As hemp seed oil is rich in GLA it may help with weight loss weight loss, but there are no studies to support this claim.

The omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seed oil are may also contribute to weight loss. However, there is no scientific research to support this very little, so it is essential to consult your family doctor or other or other knowledgeable person.

May help reduce PMS symptoms

GLA may help reduce menstrual irregularities pains during menstruation. Studies show that supplementing the body with fatty acids during pregnancy can cause any side effects.

The study also indicates that hemp seeds Cannabis seed oil may also help treat breast tenderness, irritability and swelling. But there are no medical studies yet to prove exact dosage and efficacy.

May stimulate hair growth

The healthy compounds in hemp seed oil are believed to oils give hair moisture and shine. It is also believed that the oil strengthens brittle hair strands and can make hair thicker, and may stimulate the growth of new hair.

There is no definitive evidence, but scientists say that Using hemp oil ointment reduces several scalp problems, including itching, dryness and dandruff. The oil can also help treat scalp psoriasis.

What are the side effects of Cannabis Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil can slow blood clotting in the event of a wound. Although there are no direct studies, one study suggests that cannabidiol may act on warfarin (blood thinner). So if you are taking blood thinners or are planning to have surgery a month ago, it is advisable to take this cannabis do not take this product.

Although highly unlikely, if you use this oil, you may experience hallucinations or euphoria, to avoid this you should check product labels for THC levels and only buy hemp seed oil from reputable sellers.

The high fibre content of hemp seed oil, can cause constipation, gas or diarrhoea (this occurs especially when you increase the amount of oil you consume and don't drink enough water).


Hemp seed oil belongs to the same plant family as marijuana, which can cause problems in terms of oil availability or legality, but if you buy it from reputable and trustworthy sellers, it should not should not cause any problems.

To confirm the benefits of hemp seed oil, you need much more scientific and laboratory research is needed to validate the use of cannabis seed oil, even though the moderate use of this oil may improve your body's performance, you should consult your family doctor or other competent person.


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