CBD and cholesterol

CBD and cholesterol levels

Recent research shows that cannabis oil can improve improve cholesterol levels

New research shows that the oil, from hemp can increase so-called "good cholesterol" levels. 

This study is based on the Ohio Applied Health Center and the University of Missouri Lindenwood, who sought to identify "commercially available GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by conducting independent finding of the effects of CBD-containing hemp oil extract on healthy people's stress tolerance, perceived recovery, mood, effects, body physique and clinical safety markers."

They did this in a study involving 65 overweight but healthy men and women" who took part in "six daily for six weeks" taking a cannabis oil extract or a placebo, while continuing to adhere a normal diet and physical activity. 

Survey results

The results showed that among patients in the Cannabis group, HDL cholesterol improved significantly. HDL cholesterol, which stands for "high high-density lipoprotein', is recognised in the medical community as a 'good cholesterol" because "it helps remove other forms of cholesterol from your your bloodstream" and is associated with a lower risk of heart disease," according to Mayo Clinic. 

The researchers said that no significant interaction in any No interaction was observed in any group. 

"Cannabis supplementation improved HDL cholesterol levels, was tended to support psychometric measures of apparent sleep, stress responsiveness and perceived enjoyment of life, was well tolerated and had no clinically significant safety concerns," the researchers wrote in their conclusion. 

"Overall, these findings suggest that the addition of this Cannabis extract at the doses studied in both men and women improved HDL cholesterol, they tended to maintain psychometric measures of sleep quantity and responsiveness to stress, perceived enjoyment of life and are well tolerated by healthy people." - they added, citing NORML. 

Despite the increase in commercial CBD has gained considerable commercial viability in the last few years, there is still relatively little research on CBD. Read more month, clinical trials company ValidCare will look to fill some of the some of these research gaps by looking at CBD's safety, in particular its effects on the liver, a study of the effects of CBD on liver health. The research is widely seen as a potential food and drug administration as a roadmap to eventually implement its legislation.

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